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water tank waterproofingWATER TANK WATERPROOFING

Our company is trustworthy in the proofing of water tank leakage and the results are appreciable, our experts designs water tank by modern techniques. Our experts prepare tanks prepared from chemical, which are of two types one which is internal and is prepared from rcc and the other is external, which is prepared from bricks, plastic sheets. On the basis of cement inside and outside, polymer and acrylic modified high flexible coating is applied. To make water tank different materials are used which makes the waterproofing of the tank reliable, proofing products supports drinking water. It keeps the water tank surface thick, so that the moisture and leaks would be stopped from coming on the surface. The life of a concrete water tank is maximum 10-15 years, in which entering concrete walls have to face continuous pressure of hydro-static. It is made from chlorine and mixture of other chemicals, waterproofing is necessary to reduce every type of water damages. As a local leakage limited proofing is enough, and it also faces continuous pairing otherwise leaks will come again after some years. For simple wire tank or artificial pond structures with long and mediator protection we present polyurethane proofing work. Fine chemical have high level chemicals, for example premium and polyurethane presents their certification very easily and for lining of water tank it guarantees long-lasting results. It is not only useful for water tanks but also useful for construction and repairation of ponds and is based on such as roof proofing and other different products as well. From masonry architect cleaning of the water tank is necessary, which is exposed from sewerage treatment plants, extracts and different types of stresses. And it also includes concrete proofing repairation and protection and with that abrasion acid and protection against crush are also included and different chemicals are also used. Which stops the leaks from tank, proofing is applied on solid and prepared concrete. Primer increases mechanical resistance in concrete surface, our services are used immediately in small leaks. For water structures homogeneous thermo plastic and polyolefin proofing are provided, the products are applied completely according to the needs of hygiene health and drinking water. Drinkable water tanks are mostly upper from the ground and are very much accessible.Our tank waterproofing services can give you help of many methods, because we use concrete which is secure. Waterproofing can not harm water in any way and is safe to drink. water tank proofing is a 15 years long lasting proofing, in which internal concrete walls have to face different degrees of continuous hydro-static. Our company with the mixture of different chemicals means chlorine does proofing of water tank. Which performs their complete work in the supervision of our experts. Our crystal technology works as a barrier against continuous chlorendine water pressure effects. Water tank proofing coating is essential to protect water tanks or artificial ponds. We have advanced technologically, premium liquid polyurethane waterproofing system that makes the application easy to apply , full certifications and most importantly we guarantee long-lasting results for water tank proofing. It is not only used for new water tank or pond construction but also for renewal or repair, containing different products, depending on the characteristics of roofs.

We use hydrophobic chemical, waterproofing helps to increase life of structures, we also do concrete waterproofing. Which increases the protection against corrosion, prevention of corrosion do not reduce water. Rubber coating reduces rust, waterproofing products and its services keeps your water tank secure in any way, just like concrete which reduces the quantity of absorbing water. It makes a strong protective coating for the protection against corrosion, other than that it reduces access of water and we give you guarantee that if it leaks again we will fix it again.