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Fine Chemical provides you every type of standard facility, with our each service we also provide dampness service. Which finishes every kind of damage it faces internal increasing moisture of wall damages on the top of the list. Through a concrete floor increases moisture, when surface of moisture becomes more and on upside in water finishing place, water intervenes in it. And also in wooden floors problem of moisture occurs, but our experts have found solution of this problem. They observe upwards and downwards of concrete walls to find out the moisturized place, from ground the moisture can make its way into solid floors.

In the surrounding environment, inside of changed concrete slab the moisture affects the surface very badly. For example around your house there is a garden having big trees, water can not be used. It means ground moisture surface will become high and will put load on moisture proofing system of your house. A concrete sweat is done at that time when hot air comes in contact with cold concrete slab, and even concrete floor sweats. When solid starts to change in sweat, then it means moisture of water starts to get inside the ground, but you do not have to worry. To bring this work into a process our experts use modern chemicals. In which there is a need of work on wooden floor. Upside of a concrete slab, installation of damp proof membrane is necessary.


In second situation, through concrete chemical treatment of moisture can be done to dry the moisture we use epoxy floor coating and dry base. Hard aspects of epoxy coating nature surface allows to walk on surface on any other floor without hidden things. It is necessary to apply on that surface where it needs to be. And the preparation should be done in an appropriate way. Quantity of drum oil and dirtiness can affect on the life of the coating, when liquid membrane is applied and it dries up. Then an extreme hardness is born which is not suitable to hold moisture. If to prevent moisture on concrete floor of basement. Then usually apply this membrane is on wall at one time, it makes a tight seal in an effective way.

Application of liquid membranes are necessary to be done in two coats. First clean and dry the place then after one hour apply the second coat. The application of these coats are necessary in 24 hours. So that epoxy coating is applicable on the destination of the surface, where a covering of floor is done. Moisture concrete floor with plastic membrane is easy for concrete floor. Installation of plastic membrane is necessary which is prepared by different chemicals. Which stops the moisture to enter, it is kept between underground and concrete. All coverings of floor are done on installed plastic membrane. When we think about moisture on roofs and walls, where symptoms of moisture is visible at first time. Patches of moisture can spoil corners of roof places and can affect on walls or floors as well. In this situation they can do great damages.


Whether it is in your basement or either in your old building if it is there. Then quickly contact to Fine Chemical Company and get rid of this problem immediately. To develop masonry walls, an impervious barrier is a first step for rising dampness. It prevents moisture coming up from the ground into cured walls. By applying a vertical damp proof course, it can also isolate the adjoining abutting walls. Masonry or concrete is known as rising damp and is governed by the shape and porosity of the constructing materials. Through which it limits the evaporation, and capillary penetration takes place. Structural damp regardless of the mechanism by which it takes place, is exacerbated by higher levels of humidity.

Moisture membranes are usually used during construction of solid floor. Getting more black and spoiled and through water affecting material of building increases and spreads a serious breathing disease. In this situation you can get immediate services from Fine Chemical Company. For roofs, walls and floors prepared paint from modern chemicals is also ready, which solves moisture problems.