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There is a team of our company’s excellent experts and skilled employs. Who provide their services of waterproofing in Pakistan. With our professional installation techniques, we present your work on right time, with qualified products and applications. Furthermore, waterproofing includes different types of coatings. Moreover, waterproofing is a work that can be done by an excellent technical expert.

Our experts have different types of options. Moreover, waterproofing is suitable for all types of masonry surfaces. Such as foundation walls, concrete panel, external walls, basements and maintenance walls. With chemical water and complete waterproofing, we provide our excellent waterproofing services. And our company faces every kind of challenge. Waterproofing is a process to make structural water resistant. Which is usable under specific conditions in internal water resistant and water depths.


Water resistant and in its liquid state the access of water possibly gives reference under pressure. Although moisture resistance refers to water approval through material or structure. Furthermore, we provide applications of waterproofing coatings of modern chemical items and by sealing waterproofing can be done. Moreover, waterproofing is suitable in reference to building structures. Such as (basement, decks, or wet areas) watercraft, canvas, electronic devices and paper packing. Furthermore, our company provides services of waterproofing to every kind of roof. Including rcc roof proofing, cement sheet roof proofing and iron sheet roof proofing even roof cracks and fiber roofs.

Waterproofing system are used to protect structures from water intervention. Waterproofing is very necessary for your home and building to prevent from all possible damages. Certainly a home without waterproofing can lead to the development of cracks and even molds. In addition, it can also become a great risk for the structure and foundation. There are few general types of liquid membranes for roofing. From each of them, it includes a large varieties of products. Application of coatings and the system of liquid roof, between them there is a specific difference. Which is visible in both types. Mostly the products includes, are elastomeric, polyurethane, silicon etc. Mostly for roof coating, usage of reflexive coating is a suitable option. It is of white color and provides more benefits.


Moreover, a big proportion of roofs, covers up before two or three decades such as with membranes of single yellow roofs are cool modified. With to convert old roof to new roof system often are prohibited, to deal with waterproofing and roof waterproofing, our experts performs their work by very excellent methods. Moreover, to deal with weather situations and surrounding soil in positive roof waterproofing construction is a main step. Because it stops the moisture infections and including the concrete and steel protects the structural ingredients. A complete cost liquid membrane, sheet membrane or powder clay sand are available as vapor barriers.

Waterproofing is used in that situation when the surface is limited to frozen moisture. Through using modern chemicals roof waterproofing can be completely done so that moisture and cracks can be stopped. Fine Chemical roof waterproofing treatment solves every leakage problems whether it is just a small hole. Fine Chemical with help of its modern chemical coatings solves your problems by making your work into a process. And prepares chemical with reliability and well-known effective investment.

By doing waterproofing you can get rid from growth of molds and mildew inside of walls and floors. It makes the waterproofing essential to health and structural integrity. Waterproofing makes the life of roof and building limited for a long time. With waterproof structures you can live peacefully without any worries. Waterproofing reduces cost of maintenance and protects against rain or heavy storms. Waterproofing stops the spread of water and moisture on walls, floors and roofs, and protects from water intervention.

Fine Chemical Company provides you 100% guarantee with excellent waterproofing services. Due to our excellent roof waterproofing, our customers are very happy by our work. Contact us today for free sign inspection.