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expansion jointEXPANSION JOINT

Fine Chemical, with every service also provides expansion joints service, which results in happiness for us. Our experts with each service also have skills in expansion joint. With their modern techniques they perform fine chemical’s services. Our company provides every facility, from which you can live peacefully at your residental place. What is expansion joint? And how does it comes to work? Movement is an assembly in which designing is done. But this designation is for temperature of expansion, and to absorb the constructing material point view.


Expansion joints is applicable for different places, for example building, railway tracks, piping system and also for other products. Expansion joint is necessary for the system of pipe joints, which we usually design for stainless steel, plastic and elastomer. Actual purpose for preparation of this, is to stop internal pressure in pipes. It is quite sharp elastic and is applicable for expansion joints, and others standards. And as per noise absorption, anti vibration and earthquake, we use expansion joints to prevent it. In addition, often expansion joints includes industrial piping system. So that in thermal system and due to mechanical changes it adjusts itself. Depending on the copy of pump, through the use of pressure pipe line system it transfers the liquid. Furthermore, you can also acquire our services, so that you won’t have to suffer from all the problems.


For rubber expansion joint we use rubber sheets of manual rapping and a size of belle to make rubber sheets surrounding stronger. Expansion joint’s control on rubber includes addition of steel wires or metal rings for additional reinforcement. Furthermore, when all products covers with winding of nylon peel ply to pressurize all layers together. And understands joints as items of pipe system completely, where in pipe system use of thermal expansion is suitable. And in pipe system it presents benefit of reducing stress. Sensation goods, like on pipe connection it reduces the load of pipe. To increase life of pipe system these processes take their places together. In addition, maintenance and repair it reduces their period of time. Our experts and designers, includes expansion joints in pipe system. Because in expansion joints designs, it includes elasticity. And through reducing expenses on collection of pipe system reduces space needs expenses.


Firstly expansion joint chemical resistant celtalt and expansion joint chem-seal is a precompressed, primary seal for retrofit and new structural expansion joints and construction joints where contact with harsh chemicals and chemical dilusion is expected. If the buildings are constructed up by using elastic materials in which roof and structures needs expansion joint. Secondly designation of an expansion joint is an assembly to safely absorb the heat inducing expansion. And contraction of various construction materials. They are commonly visisble between section of slabs, bridges and other structures. Between expansion joints, it relates to distance to same needs and are impossible to determine. In expansion joints it includes many designs. For these types it aims external walls of bricks, construction of concrete and blocks or for repair, we use expansion joints. Expansion joint reduces the connection of moisture expansion, and to retain the route of water it fills up elastomeric seal-sen.

To seal expansion joints in roofs double flanged and thermoplastic is used and it is also used for joints and walls. Expansion joint is also applicable for roof expansion joint waterproofing, expansion joint is applicable in that situation when the floor is covered up for long years or more than this. Aluminum sage pull is based on expansion joint, proofing rubber and specific grades of aluminum frame. Expansion joint is strong enough for resistance against rubber oil, grease, chemicals UV rays, ice and salt. Aluminum series are very easy to repair expansion joints and old expansion joints.